Capitol Livelihood Camps

The pandemic has jeopardized the means of living of informal workers such as jeepney drivers, and ambulant vendors. The partnership of Thras.io and JCI Quezon City Capitol is extending the crucial help in order for them to pursue alternative and sustainable livelihood toward economic resilience.

They will be provided with starter packages to quickly start a livelihood, with capacity-building sessions to ensure their entrepreneurial success and improved lives.


• JCI Quezon City Capitol and identified Quezon City Barangay Officials conduct assessment of potential beneficiaries, from the displaced informal workers due to pandemic.

• The 24 beneficiaries shall be invited in an event with Thras.io and JCI Quezon City Capitol, when the investment packages worth P10,000 each shall be awarded.

• Thras.io will provide a keynote speech to kick off the livelihood journey of the 30 beneficiaries on the topic of Day 1 Principle in Retail Success.


• For 4 months, JCI Quezon City Capitol will engage key resource persons to discuss various technical and entrepreneurial topics in support to the livelihood journey of the 24 beneficiaries.

• There will be a continuous monitoring and reporting of the livelihood progress of the 24 beneficiaries to ensure their success, in coordination with identified Quezon City Barangay Officials.

• Proper individual coaching sessions by identified business mentors among the JCI Quezon City Capitol members can be arranged to manage the evolving vulnerabilities.


• This group event shall serve as the culminating activity of the project to celebrate the entrepreneurial success of the 24 beneficiaries.

• Journey struggles and success stories can be shared to the attending representatives of Thras.io and JCI Quezon City Capitol.

• The top 2 of the 24 beneficiaries, per business group, might be considered for potential top up on funding to further expand their business start-ups.

Project Details

• JCI Quezon City Capitol will coordinate with identified Quezon City Barangay Officials who are also active
JCI Members. Each will endorse six (6) beneficiaries from their respective communities.
o Chairman Aldrin Tolentino – Barangay Gulod
o Councilor Keeno Estacio – Barangay Novaliches Proper
o Councilor Metoy Faustino – Barangay Nagkaisang Nayon
o Councilor Oscar Cruz – Barangay Fairview

• The project beneficiaries shall meet the following qualifications.
o A bonafide resident of the endorsing barangay,
o An informal worker whose means of living has been greatly affected by the pandemic,
o Has an experience or keen interest on selling goods to a relatively wide network within the community,
o Has available space in the household to store the goods for selling,
o Has other source of income for the household not to fully rely on the provided livelihood,
o Will commit to attend capacity-building sessions and communicate with business mentors,
o Will strive to meet the desired income within the project duration and beyond.

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